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Directions & how to find & contact Us
Don't use post code in your Sat Nav!!

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Crofters Snug map location

NB: Don't use our address for directions - that will just take you to the middle of our postcode

Best to stick to A-roads until you're one mile away.

Click here or copy the DD coordinates into Google Maps - that should work! 

(but make sure you don't turn off the NC500/A836 half way between the yellow loop road on the map above (ie the lane opposite the post box) as that turns into a rubble track. Also, Google thinks there's an accessible coast road coming from Skarfskerry - there isn't!)


DMM: N 58° 39.1664, 3° 12.2006 W

DMS: N 58° 39' 10",  3° 12' 12" W

DD: 58.652756 N, 3.203719 W

what3words: ///permit.logs.nozzle

Travelling eastbound from Thurso/Castletown:

Look out for the East Mey road sign.

Take the first sharp left (at the end of the hedge).

Follow the road for about a mile.

The Crofter's Snug can be found on your right.

Travelling westbound from John O'Groats.

Take the first right after the East Mey road sign.

Continue for about a mile (and past the blue house).

The Crofter's Snug can be found on your left.

Whether arriving by car for our glamping accommodation or by caravan/motorhome for our CL site, please drive slowly and carefully once you've turned off the main road. You will travel on a single-track road with passing places for about a mile coming from either direction. Please be considerate of neighbouring properties on your arrival and departure from the site and be mindful that locals, farmers, and walkers with children and dogs also travel this road.

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The Crofter's Snug

East Mey



KW14 8XL

(Don't use address for directions - see above)



07796 519372

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